Dimitriy Dyachenko
Sound Design, Supervision, Composing


Dimitriy Dyachenko – Certified Audio designer, founder of Mediartsound, Inc.,  master’s degree musician and composer living in the United States. Dimitriy has a passion for the Art of Sound design. Working mostly on Senior roles he creates interesting sound solutions by recording and designing sound effects for video games and movies.  Dimitriy has over 12 years of game Sound design experience at all stages of productions – from studio Voice/field recording to the Sound Design creating including Game audio implementation using audio middleware. He has proven ability to handle entire audio process as an Audio Director. Dimitriy creates custom sounds, complex sound mechanics and ambient, produce full sound design for video games, trailers, short/feature films and animation.

Working on projects Dimitriy focusing on dramatic and game play impact of game sound effects. Dimitriy pays high attention to details and attach great importance to ensure a proper balance between sound effects, dialogues and music in the project. Dimitriy worked with video game developers in Europe and United States on the following titles: “Metro: Last Light” (Deep Silver), “Ultimate General: Gettysburg” and “Ultimate General: Civil War”,”Hаunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors” (Big Fish Games), “Boiling Point” (Atari), “You Are Empty” (Atari), “American Conquest” (CDV), “Crime Craft” (THQ), “Unbound Saga”, “Robocalypse”, and others.

Dimitriy is a versatile composer with 2 soundtrack CD released. One of it became the first Ukrainian Original Soundtrack ever been published (video game “You Are Empty”, Atari). Over 10 years Dimitriy writes Original soundtracks including dramatic orchestral music, romantic and piano music, jazz, children’s, world music as well as an ambient, industrial, alternative rock, house and in other genres. Dimitriy’s music is thoughtful and distinctive. His impressive and powerful mixes of orchestral, choral and contemporary music styles increase the emotional and dramatic influence in many entertainments of genres such a video games, movies, animation and more. Dimitriy created sound effects for AAA Multi Platform vide game “Metro: Last Light”  in Europe and recently he finished his work on sound design for the series of video games “Ultimate General”, including  “Naval Action” – the best of sailing experience and naval action you can get out of a computer game. Please contact if you have any collaboration proposal.